The Rest of Summer | Ocean Beach | Alaskan Cruise

Well, school has started, which means I now have even less time to shoot and post pictures. Consider the following photos a recap of the fun side of summer. Advertisements

Mr. Green Bubble | Oakland, CA

I was first introduced to Mr. Green Bubble by a friend my Freshmen year of college. Since then, it’s become a hangout spot that my friends and I frequent. If you decide to… Continue reading

Chicken and Waffles | Oakland, CA

Marc has been at Discipleship Training School with YWAM for the past 6 months, travelling in Australia, Tajikistan, and China. He finally got back a couple weeks ago, so it was natural to… Continue reading

Shooting Around Berkeley

This week’s assignment was actually in class! We were assigned to walk around Berkeley and take photos, with our instructor around to answer any questions. Our first stop was to shoot the Taiko… Continue reading

Portrait of a Place

This weeks assignment was to create a “Portrait of a Place”. Similar to how photographers think about how to take of photos of people to best capture their personality, we were to think… Continue reading

Being A Gearhead

I know that having the best gear does not equal taking better photographs, but damn, looking at nice gear is so tempting.  At least looking at all these reviews and demos is helping… Continue reading

Using Natural Light

Favorite Portraits